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The 1st Virtual Rollercoaster in Italy!

25 June 2016 to 08 January 2017

Great news! From June at Rainbow MagicLand

The Olandese Volante will be the 1st Rollercoaster in Italy with virtual reality, using a technology offering a completely different way to interact with reality to enhance your fun!

You are about to experience the most exciting virtual reality, in all senses: physical, visual and for the first time in Europe, audio too!

The Olandese Volante is a Mine Train rollercoaster suitable for the whole family.  With its exceptional appeal, you will experience a sensational magic flight. Feel the adrenalin rush while boarding the famous pirate ghost vessel for a double ride through fog  on one of the most thrilling rollercoaster rides. Be ready, folks, hold on tight while you take breathtaking hairpin bends into a galleon battle. Take a breather while you ascend before beginning the spiraling descent!