The biggest amusement park of Rome

38 fantastic attractions and a lot of amazing shows!


Alimentazione senza GLUTINE

Anche se sei intollerante al glutine, non interrompere la magia! Le nostre proposte ristorative ti aspettano! Potrai assaporare cannelloni ricotta e spinaci, margheritine al ragù, cotoletta di pesce, tranci di pizza e nuggets di pollo presso la pizzeria il Belvedere, il self service la Domus Aurea, il ristorante il Castello, il fast food BocconDivino e il bar la Cambusa. Tutti i piatti sono accuratamente preparati da un'azienda specializzata che collabora con il nostro Parco e sono conservati in contenitori sigillati protetti da eventuali possibili contaminazioni.


Even if you suffer from gluten intolerance, you don’t need to stop the magic! Our offers for catering are waiting for you! You can taste cannelloni filled with ricotta and spinach, margheritine with ragù, fish cutlet, pizza slices and chicken nuggets by Belvedere pizzeria, Domus Aurea self-service, Il Castello restaurant, BocconDivino fast food or La Cambusa bar. All dishes are meticulously prepared by a specialized firm assisting our Park. Foods are preserved in hermetically sealed boxes and protected from any contamination. You can find also our partners’ products such as Motta, Antica Gelateria del Corso, Perugina, Oscar Mayer, Peroni, Coca Cola, Lambweston, Lazzarini.

In the heart of the magic Park, ladies and knights will offer a new way to enjoy your eating experience with delicious meat and pasta menus and the brand new veg menu. Starting from this year, Princes and Princesses will have a dedicated menu and they will be warmly welcomed with an introduction ceremony with personalized crown. In the dragon hall, courtiers will help you to choose among either one of the 240 seats in the two reserved halls under the towers for your special events or one of the 150 seats of the suggestive dehors by the lake where you can also admire the Park in all its splendor especially during lake shows such as dancing fountains. You can begin with our rich Italian-style starters buffet including vegetables, salami and cheese. ‘King Menu includes steak, ‘Queen Menu’ includes fresh vegetables and a really fresh ‘mozzarella di bufala’. Otherwise you can opt for the King Porchetta or the Jester, Ensign or Castle Menu which include chicken, salami and cheese and chipped beef. Apart from dishes for people suffering of celiac disease, you can taste first courses typical of Italian cuisine (e.g. lasagna, gnocchi, amatriciana) or fly fish with rich salads and vegetables. You can even choose the romantic Emperor Menu which includes a mixed grill for two. We have a long selection of Italian wines and beers. You can choose here your menu and reserve a table on the spot. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Don’t miss the opportunity to dine in a real castle by the lake!

The Belvedere is an art deco style pizzeria overseeing the lake by the Alfea Castle, close to the Baia delle Sirene. It features two wood fired oven and professional Italian pizzaioli who guarantee a quick service and delicious pizzas. You will be welcomed by tasty slices of fried pizza dressed as you please. You can choose among fried pizza, brick oven pizza or a main course such as meat or fish, salad, steak and cutlet. For dinner we offer a rich Mexican menu with burritos, fajitas, tacos, buffalo and chicken wings, ribs, spicy chicken and much more. You can choose from 5 types of Peroni draught beers (Blonde, Red, Gran Riserva, Pilsner and St. Benoit Ambree). Belvedere is the perfect location for couples and families . The restaurant is equipped with table-mounted chairs and children changing tables. Belvedere seats up to 350 people inside and 100 people outside where you can admire the lake and water shows such as Illusion. Belvedere is found on the Park’s northern hill, in the green space. A pleasant location to enjoy and relax a wonderful park view while tasting Italian and international delicacies.

Voilà, here come our chefs! Small masters of the magic cuisine who will astonish you with delicious dishes making everyone happy including the most demanding. Taste the new Magic Meal, the surprise menu dedicated to the youngest or Maxi Shock, the double burger for the bravest. The restaurant is not lacking of light dishes such as salads, cold dishes and fresh fruit salads as well as any kind of dessert such as mousse, pannacotta, brownies. You can choose between external seats close by our fellow animals from the Witches’ forest or the 450 internal seats . A dedicated playing area for kids is available; there kids can meet Gattobaleno every day. A 90 seats hall is available for birthday party celebrations together with Gattobaleno.

At the fantasy castle, King Arthur and Guinevere are looking forward to sharing with you the delicacies of the traditional Italian cuisine in a round table style self-service. The best way to taste fast but genuine foods both for lunch and dinner. At the self-service you can find starters and main courses. Meat and fish, side dishes as you please. Gluten free dishes available as well as vegetarian dishes. You can find non- alcoholic drinks and beers, yoghurt, fruits and dessert. A children menu including pasta with tomatoes, cutlet and chips is available. The restaurant is equipped with children changing-tables and table-mounted chairs on demand. Domus Aurea is the right location for big families and groups, featuring 850 seats inside divided into two big halls and 150 shaded seats outside, close by the knights’ land, before entering Camelor Kingdom.


The neverending, iced and refreshing slushy. Right next to the Big Magician Houdini’s house-lab you will find a pavilion dedicated to the popular layered slushies. There, once you have bought the yard cup, you can help yourself filling the container picking up your favorite flavor among the 12 available flavors. Delicious and so easy to refill with the next dose of a refreshing and colored fun, the yard cup is a funny collectible glass to be used as much as you wish.

The most popular Street Food in its original edition, exclusively at MagicLand! Ready to taste 4 different kinds of chips in a convenient bag? Such funny chips have never been seen before: twister, clove, zigzag, grid shaped and potato dippers! Taste all the available combination of sauces: bbq, mayonnaise, ketchup, chili sauce, Jack Daniel sauce. Combine your hot or cold drink with a snack. Chipsland is opposite the most popular ride among young and the old, the Carosello.

If a gentle song is catching your attention, don’t miss the chance to explore the sirens’ shelter by the enchanted lake! At the highest point of the Park with a breath-taking view, you can refresh while enjoying hot popcorn, sweet crepes and delicious cotton candies perhaps before stopping at the bay for the exciting Illusion show where the sirens’ games turn into amazing dancing fountains. A fully stocked rest point where visitors can enjoy a drink while they relax in the green among rooftops and benches for a unique view for a peaceful and private moments.

Opposite the Battaglia Navale you’ll find a small castle ready to welcome you with several magical ice-creams packed by the renowned brand Motta. Enjoy a MaxiBon or your MaxiCono at the outdoor seating while watching Viking vessels fight into the water or simply admire the spectacular fall of the drop tower among Queen Mystika’s rambles. How can you resist such a magical ice-cream?

The historical 125 old American Hot Dog has arrived at MagicLand with its unique style directly from Chicago. The secrets tricks for a wonderful Oscar Mayer Hot Dog are meat left up to 30 days to dry, bacon left to smoke for 12 hours on real wood and crunchy onions. You can taste your Hot Dog here, right behind master Houdini’s bizarre house where you will find a colored and fully furnished pavilion with sun umbrellas and several tables. A perfect snack at short distance from the thrilling Stunt Show!


Right after the water adventure of Yucatan researchers, if you start starving, step into the underground passage of the Maya ruins where Gareon, the giant lizards, look after the precious and delicious nature’s gifts with their magical aurea. There you can find a fully furnished coffee shop for breakfast and snack with muffins, brioches and doughnuts. Take a seat outdoors or inside to taste our kebab served with vegetables or other tasty courses for a quick break before returning to Huntik’s adventure with its 5D games. Share your snack menu such as small sandwiches, fried food or the menu del viaggiatore with your group at Youcatan Bar. Right opposite the homonymous ride for a short break in the heart of the Park.

Once upon a time animals used to rush into the witches’ hideout, caught by the mystic power. They used to turn into guardians, assistants or even magical animals. In the magic land, while witches used to wander in the park in disguise, searching for the right ingredients for their magic potions or simply looking for small subjects to joke with; animals used to look after their favorite refreshment stop, a welcoming bar during the day and a hideout at night. Next by the sandwich bar, you can find the coffee shop offering packed ice-creams, snack, fruits and cakes. You can sit with the animals in the witches’ garden at the outdoors shaded tables and enjoy your sandwiches and your drinks.

Falling down from the Flying Island our mad scientists’ patrolling Silver Boat anchors on Magic Street rooftops giving life to the Cambusa. Just like any other real boat, the Cambusa houses any delicious need and delicacies to start our trip into the land of magic. Five different kinds of croissants are baked here, together with maxi-doughnuts, muffins, pains au chocolat. The coffee shop stays open all day; there you can find sandwiches, salads, cakes and any kind of snack. On Magic Street you can find the ice cream parlor offering 22 creamy Antica Gelateria flavors of ice-cream and 15 types of packaged Motta ice creams! Inside you’ll find a crepes and waffles corner with the quality of Perugina cream. It is absolutely impossible resist to the magical caramel apples, popcorn and the colourful candyfloss! This is the dream for younger and older. Here you can buy Happy Puppy slushes, you can get the yard cup to be filled with your favorite flavors. The Cambusa is the magical hold always available to visitors!

In the land of legends you can stop where real knights used to gather in order to recover from their pilgrimages. Leaving Huntik you will find the preceptory of the Order of the Knights Templar where the grand masters of Osteria of Templars are waiting for you to feed you with a slice of pizza, a tasty hot dog or chips or stuffed piadine as you please. You can take a seat outdoors just opposite the wonderful Megatatur Titans’ portal and the crocodile guardians Ammit from Huntik. The coffee shop is ready to serve hot drinks such as coffee, tea, barley, ginseng along with delicious cakes such as muffins, croissants and caramel apples. Cold draught beer is available for older. The hideout of the brave knights is ready to welcome you for a relaxing break before going back to your adventurous rides in our magical land!

It is time to stop for a break at the Magic Station! Have you seen the sugary clock of the Magic Station? The time for a break in the Kids Kingdom has arrived. In the kids’ area you can play, draw, rest or watch cartoons such as Winx and Huntik. In the nearby coffee shop you can enjoy a delicious dessert such as crepes, waffles, Motta packed ice-creams and 20 different kinds of creamy flavors Antica Gelateria del Corso flavors. Sandwiches, fresh salads and fruits are waiting for you anytime you want.