The biggest amusement park of Rome

38 fantastic attractions and a lot of amazing shows!


The Park features large parking facilities for about 3500 cars situated right opposite a restricted area entrance. Each parking space is covered with solar panel roof producing clean energy while shading and protecting your car.

Price per car and van is 5€ while motorcycles and subscribers pay 3€, parking buses is free.

You can pay your ticket at the Infopoint or at the Customer Service Desk when arriving or before leaving the Park.

Save money on your ticket, buy it online.

Click here to read the General Terms and Conditions. Car parking is reserved but unguarded.

Is it pouring with rain while visiting the Park? No worries, we are going to save your day!

Gattobaleno rain gauge measures the amount of rainfall, if all sectors of the umbrella light up you will be entitled for a free entrance voucher (valid till 08/01/2018, 31/12/2017 excluded). The promotion is not valid for subscribers.

Click here to read the General Terms and Conditions.

Live and take home with you the magic of our park! Our 10 stores will offer not only products of all kinds, but they give you the pleasure of having an indelible memory.

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Lockers for bags and backpacks

Even if you have any bags or lockers, you can enjoy the Park without worries.

You can rent automatic lockers by paying 4 € for small bags and 5 € for big luggages. Ask at the Infopoint.


Any items lost in the Park? You can count on us. Please contact the Customer Service Center located on Magic Street, right after the entrance.

Strollers Rental

What if your baby is willing to enjoy a walk on his stroller but you have decided not to bring it? You always have a comfortable stroller to rent!

The Park rents 15 strollers for children measuring up 1 meter in height. They are available to rent by the Customer Service Desk at the Park’s entrance on Magic Street.

Strollers are subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.

There are 6 toilets conveniently located close to the main rides and bars: one toilet for each section of the Park indicated by vertical signs and appropriate sign. Each toilet is divided into men and women areas and equipped with baby changing tables, children’ s toilets and accessible toilets.

The 4 main catering facilities feature comfortable fully-equipped toilets.

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Our cameras are located by the main attractions ready to catch the most exciting, funny, and scary moments of your day out. You can buy and print your pictures with personalized fames. Capture your memories with an exclusive Ride Photo of on the Shock Roller Coaster, Yucatan, Le Rapide, L’Olandese Volante and Huntik 5D or at Madam Demonia’s horror house. Buy your video on the witch Mystika’s drop tower! Automatic photo points are available at Bombo, Amerigo and Pianeta Winx.

Two different locations are also available for your original photos. Turn your face into a work of art at Raffaello’s photo point right under the Cagliostro Castle or get your poster as a real old soul researchers, Reward Dead or Alive at Pirates Photos, right opposite the Olandese Volante!

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No hanging over your head! All bars, restaurants and shops accept credit cards payments.

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The Park features a picnic area with a real kerb-appeal, waterfalls’ sound and smell of fresh flowers located next to the Yucatan attraction. There you can find large and comfortable covered wooden tables for a total of 1000 seats. Facilities such as cold and hot drinks and snack vending machines are available.

Having picnic outside the designated area is not allowed nor occupying the outdoor tables of the catering facilities as they are reserved to visitors buying food at the Park. In order to allow the most wider availability of the area, taking up the tables when arriving at the Park is not allowed.

Please remember to keep the Park clean: throw your waste in the bin provided!

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During the Park opening hours, a customer service desk is available. You can find the desk both outside, before the left turnstiles, and inside the Park, on Magic Street.

There you will find maps and promotions for events besides the time table for scheduled shows and information on clients’ facilities.

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During the Park opening hours, a first aid is available by the Customer Service Desk at the entrance apron on Magic Street. A doctor and a nurse are always available to visitors in need of medical assistance.

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