The biggest amusement park of Rome

38 fantastic attractions and a lot of amazing shows!


Current Price List

- Full entrance fee: 35€

- Reduced entrance fee: 29€*

* Reduced tickets are reserved to children up to 1 meter and until 140 meter in height, senior (65+), military, pregnant women and companion of disabled people.

Free: for children up to 1 meter in height and non-self-sufficient disabled people.

Attractions Unavailable

Pixie River


Pregnant women

For future mothers is not allowed access to attractions, according to the safety standards set by manufacturers. Help us to strictly observe this rule for the health and safety of both of mothers that children. For more information please contact Customer Service or the Information Office.


Baby changing: they are available in the toilets of our restaurants. Child seats: find them available at our restaurants until exhaustion.

Guest with disabilities

The park is completely viable in a wheelchair, due to the absence of architectural barriers. Please contact Customer Service or the Information Office for questions related to accessibility to attractions, regulated in accordance with the limitations set by the manufacturers. Please contact the staff of garrison for the accessibility of areas shows that will guide you to the places reserved.


During the opening of the park is a service of first aid, which is located next to the Customer Service in Main-Street.


We will be pleased to welcome your four-legged friend, that will always leashed and muzzled. Animals can’t, however, climb on attractions or log in restaurants and in public performances. Please help us keep the park clean: remember to bring with you the hygiene kit!

Picnic area

The park has a comfortable picnic area, located next to the attraction Yucatan. It’s not allowed the picnic outside of this area, as well as occupy the tables located outside of dining options, which are reserved for those who buy in the park. To enable wider availability of this area, it is not allowed to occupy the tables from time of arrival at the Park. Please help us keep the park clean: throw your rubbish in the bins dedicated.

Gluten Free Foods

In our restaurants are available gluten-free foods.

ATM and credit cards

ATMs are available at the entrance and in the Main-Street. At the cash desks are accepted payments with ATM and Credit Cards.

Smoking ban

Inside the park you can smoke wherever you want, except for the waiting areas of the attractions, inside of buildings, dining and shops. In mutual respect, however, to remember not to bother the other guests and to use the appropriate ashtray for butts.


Within the Park is on the separate collection of paper and plastic. Help us to respect the environment, throw your rubbish in the bins dedicated.

Rainbow MagicLand is the theme park of Rome Valmontone.

Called the Eternal City, Rome was the first great metropolis of humanity and the capital of the Roman Empire. It is considered the heart of one of the most important ancient civilizations, which influenced society, culture, language, literature, art, architecture, philosophy, religion , law and customs over the centuries. When speaking of Rome, it is unavoidable to mention its worldwide most famous monument, the Colosseum, a symbol of Roman Empire’s power and majesty and St. Peter's Basilica, the largest church in Christendom, a true treasure of art masterpieces. During your stay, apart from enjoying the wonders that only a city like Rome can offer , you can reach Rainbow MagicLand within few minutes and dive into its magical fun. Thanks to an impressive railway and bus network, the Park can be easily reached in just over half an hour from Rome’s main train and underground stations. The Park is situated right after the motorway tollgate junction of Valmontone, next to the Castelli Romani Park, a wonderful setting for the Papal residence, located at Castel Gandolfo which can easily be visited as well as the noble villas of Frascati, the Abbey of Grottaferrata and other historical sites.

In the vicinity of the Park you can also visit a number of cities of historically and culturally relevant including:

TIVOLI, which is simply unique for its history and for its beautiful Unesco Heritage monument such as Villa D'Este, Villa Gregoriana and Villa Adriana.

PALESTRINA, a city of great historic importance due to its wonderful artistic and architectural sites such as: the Cyclopean walls and the monumental complex "Villa Imperiale".

ANAGNI, which is known as the City of the Popes, for being the birthplace of four popes (Innocent III, Alexander IV, Gregory IX, and Boniface VIII), it has been the papal residence and headquarters for a long time.

FIUGGI, the famous thermal waters town well known for its spas and beautiful natural landscape.

VALMONTONE, a city which was made so beautiful, from an artistic and monumental point of view, by the Pamphili family in the seventeenth century. The historical home of the family still retains its original frescoes. Not to miss: the Palazzo Doria-Pamphili; the Archaeological Museum; The Collegiate; the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Gonfalone; the church of St. Stephen; the Gates of the Walls.