The biggest amusement park of Rome

38 fantastic attractions and a lot of amazing shows!


The neverending, iced and refreshing slushy. Right next to the Big Magician Houdini’s house-lab you will find a pavilion dedicated to the popular layered slushies. There, once you have bought the yard cup, you can help yourself filling the container picking up your favorite flavor among the 12 available flavors. Delicious and so easy to refill with the next dose of a refreshing and colored fun, the yard cup is a funny collectible glass to be used as much as you wish.

The most popular Street Food in its original edition, exclusively at MagicLand! Ready to taste 4 different kinds of chips in a convenient bag? Such funny chips have never been seen before: twister, clove, zigzag, grid shaped and potato dippers! Taste all the available combination of sauces: bbq, mayonnaise, ketchup, chili sauce, Jack Daniel sauce. Combine your hot or cold drink with a snack. Chipsland is opposite the most popular ride among young and the old, the Carosello.

If a gentle song is catching your attention, don’t miss the chance to explore the sirens’ shelter by the enchanted lake! At the highest point of the Park with a breath-taking view, you can refresh while enjoying hot popcorn, sweet crepes and delicious cotton candies perhaps before stopping at the bay for the exciting Illusion show where the sirens’ games turn into amazing dancing fountains. A fully stocked rest point where visitors can enjoy a drink while they relax in the green among rooftops and benches for a unique view for a peaceful and private moments.

Opposite the Battaglia Navale you’ll find a small castle ready to welcome you with several magical ice-creams packed by the renowned brand Motta. Enjoy a MaxiBon or your MaxiCono at the outdoor seating while watching Viking vessels fight into the water or simply admire the spectacular fall of the drop tower among Queen Mystika’s rambles. How can you resist such a magical ice-cream?

The historical 125 old American Hot Dog has arrived at MagicLand with its unique style directly from Chicago. The secrets tricks for a wonderful Oscar Mayer Hot Dog are meat left up to 30 days to dry, bacon left to smoke for 12 hours on real wood and crunchy onions. You can taste your Hot Dog here, right behind master Houdini’s bizarre house where you will find a colored and fully furnished pavilion with sun umbrellas and several tables. A perfect snack at short distance from the thrilling Stunt Show!