The biggest amusement park of Rome

38 fantastic attractions and a lot of amazing shows!


Just in front of the Domus Aurea you can taste your creamy ice cream branded Carte D'Or.

A perfect sweet snack at short distance from the thrilling Cagliostro.

Just near the Maison Houdini you'll find the kiosk with the famous refreshing and tasting slushy.

You can buy the Yard Cup and fill it with your ice drink (12 tastes available). The Yard Cup is a collectible cup that you can use everytime you want, filling it with the next dose of refreshing fun.

In front of the Battaglia Navale you’ll find a small castle ready to welcome you with several magical ice-creams packed by the renowned brand Algida.

Enjoy your Cornetto or your Magnum sitting outdoor, watching Viking vessels fight into the water or admiring the spectacular Mystika tower.

How can you resist such a magical ice cream?

That's the most popular street food. You can taste 4 different kinds of fries with different shapes and skins (twister, clove, zigzag, grid shaped and potato dippers) and also add the sauces you want: bbq, mayonnaise, ketchup, chili sauce, Jack Daniel sauce. Eat them while you're enjoing your favourite hot or cold drink.

Chipland is in front of the most popular ride among children: the Carosello.