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Olandese Volante

A Ghost Ship charge his guests for an enjoyable double ride on a roller coaster the most fascinating of Magicland. You fall inside the volcano, keep in parabolic curves of the path and relax along the two main climbs because a whirling down starts again. The Olandese volante is a roller coaster suitable for the whole family. It’s a long journey between thrillls and chills signed “ North Holland”.

The Olandese Volante is the 1st Rollercoaster in Italy with virtual reality using a technology offering a completely different way to interact with reality to enhance your fun!

Feel the adrenalin rush while boarding the famous pirate ghost vessel for a double ride through fog  on one of the most thrilling rollercoaster rides. Be ready, folks, hold on tight while you take breathtaking hairpin bends into a galleon battle. Take a breather while you ascend before beginning the spiraling descent!

Min. H 130cm Min.Age: 12 y.o.

Altezza Minima: 
Età Minima: