The biggest amusement park of Rome

38 fantastic attractions and a lot of amazing shows!


Have you loved the movie "Cars" or daydreamed the great roads of California, as the legendary Route 66?
More new series of next-gen videogames keep on being offered at Rainbow MagicLand.
The magic of the Park seen from on high in all its fashion.
​Are you ready to fly on leaves suspended along with nice Winx?
Get on the train and enjoy a fun race between descents, parabolic curves and turns
The most famous wizard in history opens the doors of his mad house.
Welcome to Castello di Alfea, the most popular school of magic for fairies’ apprentice
Climb into the Antichi Galeoni Orientali and fight, shoot with water cannons, versus enemy boats and dragons
A Ghost Ship charge his guests for an enjoyable double ride on a roller coaster
The biggest video game 5D existing in Europe
Ready for a thrilling dive from 15 meters hight?
Ready for a downhill in rafting style down a raging river?