The biggest amusement park of Rome

38 fantastic attractions and a lot of amazing shows!


Hop on the magic Pop Pixie to fly up and down.
A heated indoor playground suitable for children
An exhilarating balloon trip together with Pop Pixies
Pop Pixies, the fairies of the wood, invite you to jump into their magical balls
Fasten your seatbelt as Pop Pixie are ready to invite you to hop on their extravagant fairytale cars
Ready to prove yourself and use all of your energies to climb the ArrampicaTorre?
Go deep into the forest
Enter Igloo World!
On board a fairytale wagon of the Magical Train
Hop on an enchanting teacup
The funny itsy-bitsy spider Ronny will roll you between its legs up and down until your head starts spinning
Ride the naughty caterpillar Amerigo to enjoy a travel into a magical wood
Pick your favorite animal and hop on for a classic carousel ride