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Enter the magic world of toys where heroes, fairies, knights and princesses come to life with their costumes, accessories and funny gadgets! Let yourself be stirred by the enchanting world of Marvel superheroes such as Batman, Spiderman and Captain America. You can find unique items from the Star Wars and Start Trek saga or Lord of the Rings, One Piece and The Zodiacal Knights, Lupin and Mazinga, Robocop and Transformers. Apart from movies and cartoons we also have the most popular fantasy series such as Game of Thrones and videogames such as Assassin’s Cred. We sell clothes such as jackets, sweatshirts, shirts and huts and backpacks, notebooks, cups, bracelets, key rings and diaries. To collectors we offer a wide range of Action Figures of all sizes, unique items such as masks and statues for true lovers. A technology section with drones, tablets and Bluetooth devices is also available. You can find a full section dedicated to collectors of weapons and period dungeons including gladiators and knights, with real weapons and miniatures to play with or simply to display. A range of historical and mythological hand painted characters in scale are available. Also you can find the best magic games of the Park and all gadgets of the main rides, all MagicLand products such as shirts, flip-flops and caps. A full compartment for children from 0 to 6 years is available with baby food, bibs, Poncho the bathrobe, plenty of games and original gadgets. On demand, sun and rain umbrellas are available as well as sun creams. In the Bottega delle Meraviglie you can explore the Trudi world, made of soft and tender teddy bears to be created at your own choice, selecting shape, dimension, softness, coat and even clothing. Least but not last, a new Play Station space is waiting for you with its huge range of gamma videogames and console to buy and simulation spots where trying the very last editions with demo Playstation 4 and two demos of PlayStation Vita.

Freddy Kruger is ready to welcome you in one of the most scaring shops of the Park. A morbid and extravagant land looks forward to frighten you with witches, trolls, skeletons, werewolves, vampires and zombies. Here you will find the most original items from well-known movies and dark videogames such as Batman, V for Vendetta and Assassin’s Creed. Discover the dark rock style of Batman jacket or the gothic fantasy reproductions of fairies and dragons. Choose your souvenir of the evil Madame Demonia such as man’s and woman’s t-shirts or a unique pictures of your trip into the horror house catching your most thrilling emotions. Select your group picture on the screen and we will print it for you. This dark shop full of bleak strangeness for collectors and horror lovers is waiting for you!

Ready for the challenge in the most popular arcade where you can win fantastic prizes? A super funny Arcade at the exit of the shocking coaster is looking forward to delivering true emotions with all the innovative videogames and simulators. Live an explosive emotion with Super Bike 2, Fast and Furious, Racing Storn; share you fears with Deadstorm Pirate and Dark Escape or challenge your friends to the sound of music with Dance Revolution. Earn points with each game and choose and collect your prize immediately! With the points earned you can get gadgets and games for all ages including teddy bears and table games or even bags, backpacks, cameras and other gadgets and technological games. Apart from many fantastic prizes you can win tickets with every game to buy clothing and all items related to Shock world and your thrilling picture taken on the rollercoaster speeding up from 0 to 100 km per hours in 2 seconds. Photo shots of you will be displayed on our screens and can be bought within a metal frame.. Don’t miss the chance to get 3 pictures take in your favorite rides for only 15 euros.

A shop fully dedicated to kids where you can find a huge range of games for kids from 0 to 14 years. Starting from a fully refurnished library where the main characters are fairytales and legends, from mythology to magic. The full range of smart quality Prolutis toys for all ages, from the classical vintage games to the brand new ones, are waiting for you. Starting from the wooden ageless toys offered with the most captivating design, solid and safe but also environmentally friendly to the creative games to celebrate kids’ new finding satisfying the natural curiosity of kids for fun and an always new dynamic learning, turning each daily moment into a funny and educational discovery for parents and kids. A full compartment is dedicated to the historical Halilit musical instruments, a way to stimulate kids’ skills and talents. Here you will find indoor and outdoor toys which are adapted to both teenagers as smart and scientific tools and also other magical games to the enjoyment of the whole family and to encourage parents and kids to play together! Last but not least, penguins from the Polaretti world look forward to welcoming you among inflatable balls, beach toys and funny accessories for you water games. A land full of charming and smart games ready to trigger the fantasy, creativity and talent is waiting for you in a pleasant and magical environment!

Welcome to Alfea where girls turn into fairies! Winx-fairies are impatient to take you into their famous castle with fantastic games, products and clothes to be found just at Rainbow MagicLand! The alarm. The soap. The clothes. The backpack. The bus. The desk. The books. The blackboard….All common elements for students from the whole globe’s everyday life. However things change within Magix dimension. Especially at the Alfea Castle, location of the most popular school of magic for fairies! Here you can learn all the tricks to become a good fairy: metamorphosis, potione recipes, magic philosophy, cognitive analysis of magical convergence…Far from easy ,subjects turning into funny and magical topics thanks to this shop dedicated to the most beloved fairies! Full clothing for kids from 0 to 14 years, make up and remover, accessories and gadgets, everything for the school and the beach, any kind of game such as Hula Hoop, Speaking Books, Walkie Talkie and Bicycles. The make-up artists from Flora, Bloom, Stella, Roxy , Tecna and Musa await you to turn you into your heroines and, after make-up, you will be ready for a photo shoot in their magical land. Our make-up artists, fairytale experts, are here every weekend to turn yourself into real fairies and princesses. You can even meet Winxs at our shop, you can see their schools, you can jump into their colorful candy shop where you can taste all your favourite candies. The Magix dimension will make your trip into the Shop and the Alfea School of Magic an unforgettable experience!

If you have crossed the portal of thorns, you are now ready to front the anger of Queen Mystika! You are about to bump into her small hideout covered by charming branches where the full range of gadgets from Rainbow MagicLand, such as caps and shirts, are waiting for you. Find out more about the drop tower with the Queen Mystika cartoon and her tests of true courage. Inside you will find your videos taken from hidden cameras while going through the most thrilling moments of your ride on the drop tower: the waiting and the fall. You will feature as the main character of the fairytales of the Land on an exclusive video where you can find out if you have passed the hardest test offered by MagicLand to its brave visitors. Buy the cartoon Fuga da Corh, il Potere di Mystika for an unforgettable memory!

The remote corners of the Earth are silent witnesses to remote times, hiding dark secrets. The Secret and Seekers’ den hides the secret tools of the real Huntik seekers, the charming explorers of the archeological and science fiction world of Rainbow’s animated series. Once you have tried the first attraction in Italy to join a 4D projection with laser guns, you will meet Dante, Lok, Sophie, Zhalia and Cherit who are ready to show you talismans, amulets, magical boxes and legendary swords. Real explorers’ and fighters’ clothing is ready for you, together with tons of items from all over the world collected by the Huntik during their adventures into fantastic archeological places. After having lived your best adventure with Huntik ride, get your pictures in comic style and become part of a cartoon!

The Olandese Volante is the ghost vessel sailing the seas with no destination for all eternity! It docks just to allow the passengers to disembark, then its ghosts go on sailing again without a stop-off. The sailors arrive at the pirates’ den in 1772 coming across black flags and colored skulls, cannons and swords Our new t-shirt style will leave you breathless! Wear them and you’ll feel part of the Olandese Volante crew! To turn into a real pirate just add sabers, patches, bandanas and hooks! Ready for a new route? Here you’ll find everything you need for being real travelers: sun creams, phone chargers, headsets for your phones, waterproof jackets, umbrellas, jackets and caps. Last but not least you can buy here your pic on the ghost pirates car with our special offer: 3 pictures on your favourite rides for a special price of 15 euros!