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An immersive and amazing journey that will make your day unforgettable, thanks to the images from the most important research centers in the world, from telescopes in space and from the probes that pass through the Solar System.

Cosmo Academy Planetarium has a 25m dome and 236 seats and is the largest in Europe. It is equipped with 6 latest generation 4k laser projectors.

Access to the Planetarium and seating placement are done in according with social distancing and the anticovid guidelines.



The new Cosmo Academy Planetarium shows

Bizarre Moons

It was the year 1610 when Simon Marius and Galileo Galilee quintupled the concept of ‘Moon’ then known to humanity by discovering Jupiter’s four large satellites. Our solar system now embodies 178 named moons around 8 planets. Even with that amount, the Planets have often overshadowed the moons simply because of their sixes. But as our technology advanced, these minor members of the solar system displayed amazing aspects and facets beyond our wildest imagination. The Moons now outshine their stolid parents in character. Join for a tour of some of the most frigid, violent and absolutely strangest worlds.

Produced by: Aayushi FullDome Films

Directed by: Shikhar Bhatnagar

Duration: 17 minutes



Once Upon The Big Bang;

The Big Bang Theory is one of the leading explanation of “How the universe came into existence?” The universe as we know it, started with a singularity, inflating over the next 13.8 billion years to the cosmos that we know today. Current technology is still insufficient to peer back at the time of universe’s birth. Hence, much of what we understand about the Big Bang Theory came from mathematical theory and models. Fulldome show Once Upon the Big Bang explores the fascinating events of the birth of time and space. The beginning of Universe from an infinitesimal point to a tiny, super-hot region, to the enormous Cosmos of our Era. Enjoy Once Upon the Big Bang: a fulldome show for planetariums and digital theatres.


Produced by: Aayushi FullDome Films

Directed by: Shikhar Bhatnagar

Duration: 20 minutes



The show is about the life cycle of Stars. From the birth of star in a stellar nursery to its journey towards a black hole or supernova, “Astralis” explains these phenomena in a very easy narrative. With the eye catchy visuals and lovely music, the show works for all age groups including school audience.



Produced by: Aayushi FullDome Films

Directed by: Shikhar Bhatnagar

Duration: 14 minutes


Guests with disabilities:
access allowed