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The park





MagicLand, with an area of 600,000m2, is the largest theme park in the mid-south of Italy. It was opened in 2011 and is strategically located between Rome and Naples, with a direct connection to the A1 Roma-Napoli highway. MagicLand offers visitors a wide range of attractions and services, including:

  • 39 rides and attractions
  • Cosmo Academy Planetarium, the largest planetarium in Europe with a 26m dome, 236 seats, and full dome projection in laser 4k technology
  • 2 theatres: the Baia with 500 seats, Palabaleno with 1,100 seats, Gran Teatro and Piccolo Teatro with 800 and 200 seats respectively
  • 3 restaurants: Il Castello, Boccon DiVino, and Pizzeria Belvedere
  • 8 stands, 4 bars
  • 6 shops
  • 5,500 parking spaces and many other services.







In December 2018, MagicLand was acquired by the European platform Pillarstone.

Pillarstone is a pan-European platform that collaborates with European banks to generate value by managing their exposure to non-core and underperforming assets on their balance sheets. The platform offers long-term capital and operational expertise to help businesses stabilize, grow, and create value, which underpin these non-performing and non-core exposures.

Our Mission





We strive to provide families and children with an unforgettable and unique experience of fun and entertainment in a safe environment.

Our goals and values guide us in fulfilling our mission.

Safety of guests and staff is our top priority. We follow strict safety procedures in accordance with the manuals of the attractions and constantly train our staff to ensure maximum safety for our guests and employees.

We prioritize customer care and strive to provide high standards of service by constantly training our staff and listening to our customers to understand their expectations.

We offer fun in a safe environment with strict anti-COVID protocols in place. Our first priority is the health of our guests and staff, and we strictly apply anti-COVID operating protocols to guarantee families a day of fun in complete safety and provide our employees with a contagion-free work environment.

We are committed to promoting sustainable and inclusive fun through innovative services that protect the environment. These services include the Photovoltaic Parking that provides 75% of our energy needs, the Amico Bicchiere - a reusable polypropylene glass that can be returned or reused at home, the Recycling Point that rewards eco-friendly behavior with an eco-bonus for inserting plastic bottles, and our MagicLand Mobility service, which provides electric scooters to support the mobility of guests with limited mobility around the park.

Organizational model


MagicLand has developed an Organizational Model and a Code of Conduct to ensure that its employees, partners, and suppliers are aware of specific rules and ethical standards. The company's and collaborators' activities are based on values ​​such as correctness, transparency, safety, and honesty.

To ensure the impartial control of the correct application of the Organizational Model and the Code of Conduct, an independent Supervisory Body has been established in accordance with Law 231/08.

Any doubts or reports of violations of the principles of the Organizational Model and Ethical Code should be submitted to:





Our Awards