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  Open: 10.30 - 18.00

Huntik 5D


Experience an unforgettable 5D adventure as you embark on a journey to uncover the long-lost secrets of the Titans. Climb aboard your car, put on your 3D glasses, grab your laser gun, and prepare to face off against fierce and ancient creatures in a thrilling battle for the fate of the world. Will you have what it takes to emerge victorious and unlock the full power of the Titans? The journey awaits you!

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Battaglia Navale



L'Isola Volante

Maison Houdini

L'Olandese Volante

Le Rapide


Meet our lovable and playful monster, who's eager to accompany you on an exciting journey filled with laughter and fun.

 Engage in an intense naval battle amidst the crashing waves, but watch out - even from the safety of the shore, you're not safe from enemy fire.

Experience the whimsical charm of our whirlwind carousel - a timeless classic beloved by adults and children alike.

Embark on an epic adventure through time as you uncover the secrets of the Titans in Europe's largest 5D video game experience!

Soar to new heights on the Flying Island - a towering attraction that rises over 50 meters high, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Rainbow Magicland.

In his home's basement, Houdini effortlessly mocks the laws of gravity, the vastness of emptiness, the daunting heights, and the unforgiving passage of time.

Embark on a thrilling ride that is suitable for the entire family - a roller coaster that will take you on a heart-pumping journey, sending you soaring through a range of exhilarating emotions.

Get ready for an adventure like no other as you climb aboard specially-designed rafts and ride the Rapids through a course packed with surprising twists and turns. 

Prepare to embark on a breathtaking journey as you board a boat that will take you on a thrilling ride amidst steep waterfalls, majestic climbs, heart-stopping drops from heights of up to 15 meters!


For all
  • Minimum height 100cm
  • Accompanied under 130cm

Guests with disabilities:
access allowed to