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Emporium, the new merchandising store, to buy souvenirs from real cowboys

Temporary Tattoo

Per prepararti ad una giornata all’insegna del divertimento e della magia, all’interno del Temporary Tattoo potrai tatuarti con dei fantastici disegni temporanei, truccarti con degli effetti incantevoli e farti delle meravigliose trecce estive!
Il nostro personale sarà a tua disposizione per il tuo nuovo look: solo così potrai vivere in pieno l’atmosfera di MagicLand!

Main Street

A step away from the majestic entrance door, we will gladly welcome you to Gattobaleno's home. Inside, you will find all the gadgets that our Mascot designs and creates, every day, in his magical laboratory in his own image and in his likeness. Any souvenir you'll take with you from the park is paw-designed by him and, if you wish, can be customized into unique piece with your photo, your name or anything you like!
In this way you will become part of the World of Magicland, too! 

Rapids - Odin's Dwelling

The father of the mighty Thor awaits your arrival after the pitfalls in the rapids' path. You will admire the weapons of brave barbarians at the service of the God of Thunder, from the wooden shields to the iron helmets. 

Olandese Volante

Diventa un vero pirata con i nostri gadget dell'Olandese Volante.

Jungle Shop  - novità

In these four walls, you will be surrounded by the fiercest animals of the Jungle ... but don't worry! You will get out of it safely and you can choose which of them to take with you. Will it be the forest's king? The Tiger? Or the great Kong? After passing the exam and getting your off-road driver's license, which ferocious animal will go on a safari with you in the Jungle