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Did you know that Count Cagliostro is a big foodie?
Loose candies, gummy candies, marshmallows, lollipops... in a few words, a real assortment of sweets awaits you at the exit of Cagliostro!
Will you be able to resist?


Get ready for a day full of fun and magic at MagicLand's Temporary Tattoo. Here, you can get fantastic temporary tattoos, enchanting makeup effects, and beautiful summer braids. Our staff will be at your disposal to create your new look, so you can fully immerse yourself in the MagicLand atmosphere.


Don't miss the most colorful kiosk on Main Street: here you can buy fun gadgets to liven up your day at MagicLand. The selection is endless!


In the heart of the jungle lies Nui Lua's hut. A kiosk that you certainly cannot miss, it's the perfect opportunity to purchase a souvenir of your exciting adventure in the presence of the mighty volcano.


Welcome to Gattobaleno's home, just a stone's throw away from the majestic entrance door. Inside, you'll find all the whimsical gadgets created and designed by our mascot, in his magical laboratory, that reflect his playful personality. Every souvenir you take from the park is paw-designed by him, and can even be customized with your name, photo, or anything else you like, making it a one-of-a-kind memento. By taking home a personalized souvenir, you'll become a part of the World of Magicland as well!


Come meet the father of the mighty Thor after navigating through the treacherous rapids. Inside, you'll find an impressive display of weapons used by brave barbarians in service of the God of Thunder, including wooden shields and iron helmets.


Transform into a real pirate with our Flying Dutchman gadgets!


Congratulations on surviving Shock! Now, brace yourself for a thrilling new adventure at our newly renovated super arcade, featuring the latest generation of video games, redemption games, and much more. Here, you can put your skills to the test by challenging yourself, your friends, or even your parents. And that's not all! With every challenge, you can win amazing prizes and magical rewards. Be sure to explore the park and check out our exciting new skill kiosks, where you can win plush toys and other wonderful prizes.


Within these four walls, you'll find yourself amidst the most ferocious creatures of the jungle. But fret not! You'll emerge unscathed and with the freedom to select your companion. Will you opt for the forest's regal ruler - the tiger, or perhaps the mighty Kong? Once you've aced the exam and obtained your off-road driver's license, which of these fearsome animals will join you on your jungle safari?