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  Open: 10.30 - 18.00

SERVIces of the park


 At MagicLand, we strive to ensure that our Amusement Park is accessible to the widest possible audience.


We're excited to announce that our new MagicLand offers safe dining options for everyone, including those with Celiac disease. You can now enjoy delicious meals without worry! Check out our various dining options, including self-service at "Castello," pizza at "Belvedere," and drinks at "La Cambusa" and "Camp Bar."

For additional information, please feel free to ask our operators directly.


At our park, we've set up a comfortable picnic area nestled amidst the lush greenery, right next to the Yucatan attraction. With plenty of large, covered wooden tables, we can accommodate up to 1000 guests at a time. Our automatic vending machines also offer a range of hot and cold beverages, as well as tasty snacks to fuel your day.

Please note that picnicking outside this designated area is not allowed, nor is occupying tables located near refreshment points, as these are reserved for paying customers. To ensure everyone has access to this space, we kindly ask that you do not occupy tables upon arrival at the park.

And as always, we appreciate your efforts in helping keep our park clean. Please dispose of any waste in the appropriate bins. Thank you!



Are you bringing everything you need for a day at MagicLand? We understand that backpacks and luggage can be cumbersome while enjoying our attractions, which is why we offer convenient locker options for our guests.

Located at our Customer Service center, our automatic lockers are equipped with combination locks and are perfect for storing your valuables and small bags (daily rate: €4). For larger bags, our friendly staff at Customer Service are happy to help (daily rate: €5). Please note that luggage must not contain food or drinks.

Enjoy your day at MagicLand worry-free, knowing that your belongings are secure with us.


For your convenience, we have an ATM located near the Infopoint at our park. Additionally, we accept both ATM and credit card payments at the checkout of every bar, restaurant, and shop.

Whether you need to withdraw some cash or prefer to pay with your card, we've got you covered. Enjoy your day at the park without any payment worries!


At MagicLand, the safety and wellbeing of our visitors is our top priority. That's why we offer an active first-aid service during park opening hours. You can find our medical professionals located in the entrance square at the beginning of Magic Street, ready to assist you with any medical needs you may have.

Our team consists of a doctor and a nurse who are always available to provide prompt and professional care. Enjoy your day at MagicLand with peace of mind, knowing that we've got you covered in case of any medical emergencies.


Looking for a way to make the most of your time at MagicLand? Introducing the Magic Pass - a special bracelet that allows you to shorten your wait time on the park's main attractions. While it doesn't let you skip the line entirely, it does grant you access through a privileged route, reducing your wait time and giving you more time to enjoy the attractions.

MagicLand offers a limited number of Magic Passes every day, with the number varying based on the number of visitors present in the park. You can purchase the Magic Pass at the park for a starting price of €14.90.

The Magic Pass can be used on the following attractions: Olandese Volante, Nui Lua, Shock, Le Rapide, Yucatan, Battaglia Navale, Huntik 5D, Cagliostro, Mystika, Gattobaleno Time Machine, Dune, Esplorabruco, Safari, Pilastro Magico, Stagno Magico, Ping, Jungle Express, Giranido, Mongolfiere, Motorgiungla, Carosello, and Isola Volante.

For more information, you can download the Magic Pass regulations on our website. Don't miss this opportunity to make the most of your visit to MagicLand!

Download the regulation here


If you've left something behind during your visit to MagicLand, don't worry! Our Customer Service team is here to help you find your lost items. Simply visit our Customer Service center located on Magic Street just after the park entrance, or call us at 0695318700 or email us at We'll do our best to assist you in retrieving your lost belongings.


MagicLand dispone di un ampio parcheggio di circa 5500 posti situato proprio di fronte all’ingresso, quasi interamente coperto da pensiline.
Il biglietto consente un solo ingresso e può essere acquistato online oppure al momento dell’arrivo.
Il parcheggio chiude 2 ore dopo l'orario di chiusura del Parco.



Capture your unforgettable moments at MagicLand with our on-ride camera service. Our cameras are strategically placed on the main attractions to capture your most thrilling, exciting, and heart-stopping moments. You can purchase a personalized photo frame print of yourself riding Yucatan, Rapids, the Flying Dutchman, and Nui Lua, as well as your video or photo on the Shock roller coaster. Don't miss the opportunity to relive the excitement of your ride at home!




To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, please read the following terms and conditions carefully before entering MagicLand:


PETS policy

Terms and Conditions for Bringing Your Pet to the Park

Electric Scooters

"MagicLand Mobility" is a convenient service that offers electric scooters for rent directly at the entrance of the park. This service is ideal for visitors with walking difficulties who wish to enjoy all the attractions and activities in complete autonomy. You can rent the scooters via the MagicLand app or on site, with prices starting from €3.50 per hour.


We offer high chairs for your convenience at the self-service restaurant "Castello", Pizzeria "Belvedere", and Fast food "Boccon DiVino". These chairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to ask our staff for assistance.


MagicLand features six restrooms located near the main attractions and bars, one in each section of the park, clearly marked with vertical and special signs. Each restroom is equipped with separate male and female areas with a nursery, as well as restrooms dedicated to children and the disabled. In addition, the four main restaurants offer extra bathrooms that are equipped to meet all your needs. Every restroom provides a comfortable and convenient space for diaper changing.


If you need assistance during your visit, our customer service team is here to help. You can find them at the information office located outside the Park (to the left of the turnstiles) or near Magic Street. They can provide you with park maps, information on special promotions, show schedules, and other important details related to your visit. Don't hesitate to reach out to them if you have any questions or concerns.