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  Open: dal 01/04/2023


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For the brave ones For children For all

For the brave ones

Wild Rodeo
A new great attraction, unique in Italy, with a high adrenaline rate: Wild Rodeo.

An InDoor Roller Coaster that will make you lose your sense of orientation and spin around!

Haunted Hotel 
Haunted Hotel is the perfect adventure for those who want to experience strong emotions: a hotel invaded by human-hungry zombies. 
Shock is a reckless journey in search of the thrill, a race at the speed of light between walls of death, twists and turns.
It throws the bravest in the air and lets them fall into the void from 72 meters in height.

For children

Baby Ranch
Baby Ranch, a new playground of over 500 square meters for children.

A new unexplored area, with lush and wild vegetation, for boundless fun.

Jungle Camp

The largest Playground in Italy awaits little explorers, giving parents a comfortable relaxing break.


A road circuit where you can practice with the means of transport and the signs positioned here and there to move safely without getting lost.

A large caterpillar can help us, loading us on its back and taking us on an exciting exploration tour!
Ping il Ragno
At the edge of the forest you will find Ping, a giant spider with its home among the remains of an ancient ruined building.
Pilastro Magico
Are you ready to test yourself and use all your energy to climb this Magic Pillar yourself?
Radura dei Geyser
An open-air space suddenly opens and dozens of geysers spray jets of water towards the sky.
Stagno Magico
The tropical jungle is rich in water and it is not at all uncommon to come across some pond.
The fauna in these places is truly fantastic, the explorers discover new species every day.
Observing the land from above is a great advantage, using hot air balloons in the clouds.
Bumpy roads are not a problem if you are driving an off-road vehicle.
Jungle Express
At the edge of the forest, only one train passes in the area, the Jungle Express. Each curve reserves a surprise, you just have to leave!
Baby Jungle Camp
The new Baby Jungle Camp space waits for the youngest explorers to give their parents a pleasant break.

For all

Magic Boat
Another unmissable novelty available soon: on board colorful boats, it will be possible to sail on the lake down MagicLand.
Cosmo Academy Planetarium
Enter the largest planetarium in Europe for a journey through the stars, galaxies and the universe. An adventure that will leave you breathless. 
Gattobaleno Time Machine
A real time machine, which thanks to its VR technology, will catapult you to distant times.
The most cheerful and affectionate monster you have ever met is ready to guide you on a fun journey.
Battaglia Navale
Fighting a heated Naval Battle at the last spray of water? Be careful because even from the shore you can be hit.
The whirlwind carousel with an inimitable charm, one of the most loved by adults and children.
Europe's largest 5D video game will take you on a journey through time in search of the secrets enclosed in the power of the Titans!
L'Isola Volante
The Flying Island rises to over 50 meters high to let you enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Rainbow Magicland.
Maison Houdini
Houdini makes fun of gravity, emptiness, height and time in his home's basement.
L'Olandese Volante
A roller coaster suitable for the whole family, capable of making you fly between chills and emotions.
Le Rapide
On board special rafts, Rapids will take you on a path full of unexpected events, where staying dry will be impossible!
A boat that will make you travel among steep waterfalls, majestic climbs, chills from 15 meters in height and twists!
Nui Lua
In the heart of the Jungle, through the thick foliage of the trees, you can see a large volcano, whose top emits smoke and fire lapilli.
The park lake is the suggestive location of MagicLand
Music Hall
The Piccolo Teatro is the stage for children's shows
Gran Teatro 
The Gran Teatro the stage for the great MagicLand shows